Pixy Cosmetics BB Cream - Beige [REVIEW]

BB Cream is not a new thing in a beauty world. The aim is almost the same to foundation as a part of complexion. BB Cream is the abbreviate of Blemish Balm Cream or Beauty Balm Cream. The common thing, it's liquidy and easy to blend out, so the result is so delicate and beautiful.

One of my favorite BB Cream is BB Cream that comes from Pixy Cosmetics. There's a lot of thing that stated on the claim said that this BB Cream is suitable and having proper result on my face. Then, read 'til finish, ok? 😉

One, The texture is very liquidy. Easy to blend out, so it gives the soft result on the skin. There are three shades of BB Cream which is available. The most suitable shade for me is Beige. This tone is very suitable to my tanned skin and my yellow undertone skin. The most lovely thing; it has dewy finished look. It looks glowy and healthy! 💛
Pixy BB Cream Bright Fix

Two, it has good fragrance. So soft, like floral-ish. I'd prefer to choose this kinda fragrance of the product than chemical fragrance. However, most of people who don't like a bit about the fragrance, will be bothered by the smells. But, it's still good to me. 💛

Three, the makeup is locked for about 12 hours long. That's the claim. Hmmm, I can agree with that. I've already wore it for about 8 hours and my look still looked bright. My look is still okay, the powder is perfectly locked. But, for overall look, became glowy a bit. It's normal. My face tends to be oily, especially on T-zone. However, it's still fine. 💛

Four, this product contains SPF 30 and PA+++. Whoa!

My face is protected from the sun. As we know, UVA and UVB are very dangerous for skin. it could cause the dark spots in our face and the wrinkles or fine lines. This SPF 30 and PA+++ can minimize those symptoms. It's such a pro on a complexion product. 💛

Five, it has Natural Whitening Extract & Derivat Vitamin C as a whitening agent. It suits to the claim because the fact is true! My face looks brighter. 💛

Six, clinically tested not to cause blackheads. Sometimes BB Cream or foundation can be a cause of blackheads/
whiteheads to appear in some parts of our face. But, this product doesn't work that way. My skin is still fine. No blackheads or breakout. Salute! 💛

The Swatches of BB Cream Bright Fix by Pixy Cosmetics
Seven, it's affordable. Yes! The most important reason to purchase a beauty product is about the price. It's less than 70.000 rupiah. The netto is 30 ml. Like a common netto for a complexion product. Pixy is such a lovely brand ever! 💛

Eight, easy to find. Pixy Cosmetics is well-known and absolutely available at any stores. This is a very positive point for Pixy as a local brand in Indonesia. 💛

Well, that's my review about BB Cream Pixy Cosmetics. Actually, there a lot more positive side 'cause yeah that's the truth. Such an honest! 😄

See you on my next post, gangs!

2 komentar:

  1. sayangnya aku ga cocok sama BB cream ini :( pernah cobain dan bikin gatal hiks

  2. Aku pernah punya BB Cream dari Pixy ini Mbaa. Harganya affordable lah. Tekture nya emang creamy gitu yaa